double wall paper cup
double wall paper cup
  • double wall paper cup
  • double wall paper cup

double wall paper cup

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Specifications & Feature

A paper cup is a portable container made of pulp or paper that has the following characteristics:

1.Environmentally friendly: Paper cups are made from renewable resources - pulp or paper, which are recyclable and environmentally friendly. Using paper cups can reduce reliance on plastic cups and reduce white pollution.

2.Economical: The price of paper cups is relatively low, making them an economical container. At the same time, because paper cups have lower manufacturing and production costs, their prices are also more competitive.

3.Multifunctional: Paper cups are suitable for many occasions, such as home, office, outdoor, etc. They can be used for drinks such as water, coffee, tea, etc., and can also be used to hold other foods or items for easy portability.

4.Convenience: Paper cups are lightweight, easy to use and easy to carry. It does not require cleaning and disinfection during use and can be thrown away after use, making it very suitable for a fast-paced lifestyle.

5.Hygiene: The paper cups we produce meet hygiene standards and they do not pose a threat to health. In addition, paper cups also have certain leak-proof properties, which can prevent liquid leakage and keep them clean and hygienic.

Common specifications for paper cups include:

9 ounce paper cup:The capacity is 220ML, with an upper diameter of 75MM, a lower diameter of 52MM, and a height of 85MM.

6.5 ounce paper cup:The capacity is 180ML, with an upper diameter of 70MM, a lower diameter of 52MM, and a height of 70MM.

Tasting cup:The capacity is 86ML, with an upper diameter of 55MM, a lower diameter of 38MM, and a height of 60MM. In addition, there are paper cups of different sizes such as 3 ounces, 4 ounces, 5 ounces, and 6.5 ounces. Different specifications of paper cups are suitable for different occasions and needs. For example, a 9-ounce paper cup is suitable for holding drinks, juice, etc., while a tasting cup is suitable for tasting wine, coffee, etc.


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